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Tax Advice

Consulting for business start-ups

For those embarking on the adventure of being “self-employed”, a range of bureaucratic hurdles need to be overcome and in particular at the outset of entrepreneurial activity. This step toward being self-employed should also be well thought through and planned financially in order to limit entrepreneurial risk, whereby expert advice is indispensable.

We offer you comprehensive, practical and targeted consulting for start-ups which can be implemented immediately and smooth the path for you en route to a successful business future.

Our start-up consultants are not only on hand to provide advice in the areas of company and tax law but also in generating your business plan and drawing up a reliable financing plan as well as choosing the ap-propriate legal form or arranging shelf companies.

Our range of services includes drafting the requisite company and employment contracts as well as rental and lease agreements and T&C taking consideration of taxation aspects, handling accounting and payroll accounting, preparing year-end financial accounts and tax statements as well as handling sales tax.

Contact persons for Consulting for business start-ups

Andreas Mau

Partner*, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

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