The strongest foundation for a real estate business is a consulting team that knows the field inside and out.

Real estate

We will advise you on all areas of real estate law relating to tax, audits and legal requirements.

When you buy or sell commercial buildings, we will look after the due diligence, draw up purchase agreements for your asset and share deals and assist you in securing finance. On the project management front, we will assist you in creating building rights, negotiate with local authorities, draft construction and architect agreements, and provide customized leases. We will also help you meet your goals in asset management. We can develop the best possible structuring for all areas from a tax and corporate law perspective.

We will carry out final audits and special audits for specific properties. At the same time, we will look after accounting and regulatory and investment law assessments while also providing audit-related advice for investment companies and real estate companies.

Our clients include open-ended and closed-end real estate funds, real estate companies with a capital market focus, family-run real estate companies and private equity firms. Other clients who value our experience include real estate companies (commercial, residential and special properties), private and institutional investors, family offices and the public sector.

Main areas

  • Real estate transactions
  • Tax, legal and financial due diligence
  • Asset management
  • Real estate finance
  • Tax and corporate law structuring
  • Valuation and expert advice

Other possible areas of interest

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