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Web3, blockchain & AI

We are very enthusiastic about new technologies like blockchain, Web3 and artificial intelligence. Transactions are often very complex when these technologies are used. This calls for an in-depth knowledge of the market – for both private individuals and companies. We will provide you with comprehensive advice on your crypto business from a tax, legal and regulatory perspective. Our internationally recognized team will help you to structure business models, plan token-based fundraising, choose the best location, establish appropriate corporate vehicles and deal with any data protection or licensing issues.

We also document the relevant business relationships and draft any terms and conditions that may be required. Our experts will review public-facing content such as websites and white papers to ensure that they are consistent with legal documentation. We make sure that international aspects are recognized and treated accordingly. Wherever required, we coordinate your project with the relevant authorities.

We also ensure that all of your tax declaration requirements are met in full, from creating and distributing tokens to acquiring, holding, using and selling crypto assets. Using suitable software tools, we ensure that business transactions are properly dealt with in the company's accounts. With regard to privately held assets, we assist you in the use of reporting tools and evaluate tax reports.

We navigate you pragmatically and proactively through the ever-changing court decisions and legislation and help you with any regulatory and legal proceedings.

Main areas

  • Asset tokenization
  • Blockchain (DLT) based models
  • Crypto transactions
  • Token sales, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
  • Security token
  • token-based employee participation models
  • Mining - Proof of work, proof of stake, airdrops
  • Software-as-a-service modelle
  • Tax-relevant holding periods
  • tax voluntary disclosures
  • declaration and accounting
  • Lending
  • Staking

Other possible areas of interest

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