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Intellectual property, advertising and media

We will provide you with expert advice on developing, advertising and distributing your products and services. We will help you develop the best possible IP and marketing strategy for your needs. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of IP law, from registration, licensing and defending intellectual property rights to providing expert advice on advertising, copyright and media law.

As experienced litigators, we will help you defend against and pre-empt IP infringements in product design and advertising. This will permit you not only to win any disputes but also to avoid them in the first place.

From start-ups to major international groups, we advise companies from the pharmaceutical, medical product, cosmetics, fashion, toy, sports, food and other industries. In an increasingly digitalized market environment, branded good manufacturers, retailers and service providers alike all hold our expertise in the highest regard.

Main areas

  • Processes
  • Brands
  • Licenses
  • Patents and registered designs
  • Designs and design patents
  • Advertising
  • Training
  • Law on advertising and promotion of medicinal products
  • Product piracy
  • E-commerce and appraisals

Other possible areas of interest

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