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Recapitalization, restructuring and insolvency

We are instrumental in restructuring companies. We provide ongoing assistance in crisis situations, with out-of-court recapitalization and in planning and implementing restructuring, self-administration and insolvency proceedings. Our extensive experience includes complex finance and cross-border situations.

We advise executive boards and managing directors on duties requiring action and liability risks as well as on examining reasons for insolvency. We provide assistance to creditors in restructuring situations and in enforcing claims and liquidating collateral. We help investors who are involved in transactions with companies in crisis and when buying companies out of insolvency. We advise insolvency administrators when selling companies and identifying and enforcing insolvency-specific claims. One area in which we specialize is defending contestation and liability claims.

In our team, experts in insolvency and restructuring law and in labor, corporate and tax law work closely together with specialist auditors.

Main areas

  • National and international
  • Advice to restructuring companies and companies facing insolvency
  • Board members and managing directors
  • Preparing and assessing restructuring plans
  • Insolvency and overindebtedness assessments
  • Out-of-court recapitalization
  • Restructuring procedures (Stabilization and Restructuring Framework for Businesses – StaRUG)
  • Self-administration and ‘protective shield’ (Schutzschirm)
  • Insolvency plans
  • Standard insolvency proceedings
  • Liability and contestation
  • Asset protection

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