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Dr. Joachim Jung

Dr. Joachim Jung
Partner*, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in intellectual property law, certified data protection officer (TÜV®)


Professional history

Studies and Doctorate at Georg-August-University Göttingen
Legal traineeship in Hamburg and Lower-Saxony
since 2013 attorney-at-law
2013 - 2018 Lubberger Lehment
since 2018 attorney-at-law at Möhrle Happ Luther
since 2018 certified specialist in intellectual property law
since 2020 partner at Möhrle Happ Luther
since 2020 certified data protection officer (TÜV®)

Main practice areas

  • Trademark law
    • Advice on the design and filing of national, European and international trademarks before the DPMA, EUIPO and WIPO
    • Consulting on the strategic positioning of (international) brand portfolios
    • Years of experience in the judicial enforcement and defense of trademark claims
    • Attacks against infringing company and product names
    • Drafting of trademark purchase and licensing agreements

  • Competition law
    • Advice on the design and implementation of advertising campaigns, product packaging and new forms of advertising
    • Advice on misleading advertising, comparative advertising and obstructive or discriminatory advertising
    • Years of experience in the enforcement and defense of competition law infringements in and out of court
    • Years of experience in the action against false product information and unfair product imitations on trading platforms such as Amazon and Ebay

  • Pharmaceutical law with focus on drug advertising law
    • Advice on drug advertising requirements, misleading advertising, advertising for unauthorized drugs and off-label use
    • Out-of-court and judicial representation in proceedings under drug advertising law
    • Naming and labelling of drugs and medical devices
    • Advice on grants and discounts as well as parallel and re-imports

  • Copyright- & Media law
    • advice on general copyright and media law issues
    • Representation of private individuals and companies in the protection of personal rights
    • Advice on copyright-relevant contracts and questions regarding the granting of rights of use
    • Consulting on the use of social media campaigns, influencer marketing and product placement

  • Design and utility model law
    • Advice on the legally compliant design of products
    • Advice on the registration of designs and utility models and the selection of the appropriate property right
    • property right searches and official application and cancellation procedures
    • Legal action and defense in and out of court in case of (alleged) design and utility model infringements
    • Proceedings against product copies and imitations

  • Combating counterfeiting and parallel imports
    • Many years of experience in combating product counterfeiting and imitations, especially on online trading platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba
    • Advice on the obligation of trading platforms to immediately takedown illegal offers of third parties
    • Preventing the import of infringing or parallel imported products

  • E-Commerce
    • Consulting for the legally compliant implementation of online business models, websites and apps
    • Securing and transferring domains and representation in domain disputes
    • Advice on commercial appearance on social media platforms and the use of social media campaigns and influencer marketing
    • Advice on the liability of operators of trading platforms and marketplace traders

  • IT contract law and software law as well as license agreement law
    • Preparation of IT contracts, in particular software purchase and license agreements as well as service contracts
    • Drafting of copyright and other license agreements; trademark license and delimitation agreements
    • Advice on (IP) transactions

  • Data protection law
    • Advice on general data protection issues
    • Auditing according to data protection law and creation of data protection concepts
    • Review of data protection-compliant business models and software solutions
    • Review and creation of privacy policies and cookie banners
    • Enforcement and defense of claims for information
    • Advice on the implementation of the requirements of the Trade Secrets Act (Geschäftsgeheimnisgesetz)




German Association for industrial property protection and copyrights


Dr. Joachim Jung
Partner*, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in intellectual property law, certified data protection officer (TÜV®)
Phone 040 85 301 - 0

* Partner not as defined by PartGG



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