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Tax Services

Tax Returns

Every year, entrepreneurs and private individuals regard the submission of tax returns as an inevitable burden which we would be delighted to handle for you in our capacity as competent consultants.

We regard the preparation of tax statements as active consulting instead of mere declarations. Tax optimization can be exploited in full while the synergy effects of tax design consulting and tax declarations can be utilized effectively.

Our range of services in this field comprises the preparation of income tax statements, corporate tax re-turns, business tax returns, VAT returns, electronic balance sheets, separate and uniform profit statements, gift and inheritance tax declarations and capital gains tax registrations, electronic transfer to the Tax Office and the subsequent final inspection of tax assessment notices.

Contact persons for Tax Returns

Kristina Baumgart

Tax advisor, Dipl.-Kauffrau

Juliane Brack

Tax advisor, Dipl.-Wirtschaftsjuristin

Sebastian Flügge

Tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Martin Horstkötter

Partner, auditor, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Nicol Marschall

Partner, tax advisor, auditor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Andreas Mau

Partner*, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Dr. Ulrich Möhrle

Partner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Tobias Müller

Partner, tax advisor, Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH)

Mario Neugebauer

Partner, tax advisor, auditor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Jens Scharfenberg

Partner, attorney-at-law, auditor, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer, certified advisor in international tax law

Vera Wessendorf

Partner, tax advisor, Dipl.-Oec.

Dr. Ruth-Caroline Zimmermann

Partner*, tax advisor, certified advisor for international tax law, Dipl.-Kauffrau

Articles in the area of Tax Returns

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Forschungszulagengesetz – FZulG

Income tax

Entfall des Veräußerungsverlustes

Income tax


Value-added tax



Referentenentwurf des Jahressteuergesetzes 2019

Income tax

Der geschenkte Spendenabzug -


BFH zur Übertragung einer Rücklage i.S.d. § 6b EStG –

We create real added value for our clients through quality, continuity and trustworthy cooperation. This is the basis of our multidisciplinary approach to consulting.

Martin Horstkötter

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