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Tax Services


Foundations have a long tradition in Hamburg which is in fact the German capital of foundations. More and more people are electing to put their money into a foundation. Establishing a foundation offers a variety of legal and tax options but is also subject to complex regulations.

We advise both non-profit foundations advocating non-profit, charitable or ecclesiastical objectives which are therefore tax-optimized and for-profit foundations such as classic family foundations protecting family assets from fragmentation. As experts, we know how to exploit the potential of this legal form and provide tax consulting from the establishment of a foundation through designing the Articles of Association, approval procedure and distribution of competencies among the foundation bodies to the conditions governing tax exemption and definition issues concerning the ideological domain, asset management and economic business, and matters relating to capital preservation.

It goes without saying that we also handle declaration obligations such as accounting, drawing up annual financial accounts or income and expenditure accounts as well as preparing tax returns.

Contact persons for Foundations

Katja Engelmann

Tax advisor, Dipl.-Finanzwirtin

Mario Neugebauer

Partner, tax advisor, auditor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Articles in the area of Foundations

Inheritance / Succession


Inheritance / Succession

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