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Tax Advice

Tax Advice

Overseeing the increasingly complex area of tax law with its constant amendments and taking advantage of the scope for action and design represents an ongoing challenge for many enterprises, companies and private individuals.

We provide high-quality, reliable and future-oriented consulting on all types of tax. Apart from preparing accounting, payroll accounting, annual financial statements and tax statements, we regard forward-looking tax consulting as an absolute must. This task sees us combining quality, foresight and creativity in our capacity as a multidisciplinary team of tax advisors, auditors and attorneys-at-law collaborating to ensure your success.

Contact persons for Tax Advice

Annette Groschke

Partner*, tax advisor, certified advisor for international tax law, Dipl.-Kauffrau

Martin Horstkötter

Partner, auditor, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Markus Kallenbach

Partner*, Tax advisor, LL.M., commercial lawyer

Nicol Marschall

Partner, tax advisor, auditor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Andreas Mau

Partner*, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Dr. Tobias Möhrle

Partner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer

Dr. Ulrich Möhrle

Partner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Tobias Müller

Partner, tax advisor, Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH)

Mario Neugebauer

Partner, tax advisor, auditor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Jens Scharfenberg

Partner, attorney-at-law, auditor, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer, certified advisor in international tax law

Moritz Schumacher

Partner, auditor, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Hans-Hermann Völker

Partner, auditor, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann, Dipl.-Finanzwirt

Vera Wessendorf

Partner, tax advisor, Dipl.-Oec.

Corinna Wöhl

Partner*, tax advisor, Dipl.-Wirtschaftsjuristin (FH)

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We create real added value for our clients through quality, continuity and trustworthy cooperation. This is the basis of our multidisciplinary approach to consulting.

Martin Horstkötter

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How we work


We develop tailored concepts and design models in multidisciplinary teams that are always headed by one of our partners.


We design our processes effectively and develop solutions which swiftly lead to results.


We operate in a forward-looking manner and actively examine possible optimizations for our clients.